Welcome to the Virtual Insect Brain Lab


12.06.2008 Talk at the FENS 2008.

Find here the talk with the title "3D registration and morphing of confocal stacks towards the Drosophila standard brain model using the VIB protocol." The movie file can be downloaded here.

12.06.2008 First public version of the VIB Protocol.

The VIB Protocol is a tool for registering 3D images, which may also contain of several channels. A previous version was developped and published by A. Jenett and J. Schindelin. This version required Amira, however. You can download now a completely free version based on the free image processing platform ImageJ. Look here

28.06.2007 New version of the ImageJ 3D Viewer.

Over the last weeks, a new version of the 3D viewer was developped. Many bugs have been fixed, and several new features were added. The description on the website may be out of date, however, a video tutorial provides insight in the newest possibilities of the viewer. Read more...

03.05.2007 New ImageJ plugin which manages the installation of Java3D.

To facilitate the installation of Java3D, which is used for the 3D visualisation plugin for ImageJ, we have developped another plugin which does the installation. Click here for more details.

25.04.2007 New version of our homepage.

In the last days, our homepage was completely redesigned. We hope that it is even easier for you know to find quickly what you are looking for. Please do not hestitate to email us for comments, complains or suggestions for improvements.

25.04.2007 ImageJ 3D Viewer, a new plugin for ImageJ.

We used Amira for a long time for all of our 3D visualisation work. However, Amira is expensive, and we decided to implement 3D visualisation for ImageJ, so that it can be used now by everyone for free! Download the plugin here or visit our ImageJ plugin page for an overview of all the other plugins.